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Germany, Thursday, 31 October 2002 / Checked in Feb. 2018/


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Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Domination,

Today you get again a document, because you do not apparently show the slightest sense of your clinical picture.

You as a TV-institution on the one hand advertise by your senders for aid and donation by calling for the poor and the poorest ones when you state, that world-wide every 3 seconds a child must die, because of hunger or missing infection protective means.

Well, well, it must die therefore a child every 3 seconds for lack of food and for lack of medicine!!!

How did it be possible on the one hand, that the delicatessens like Arko, the Sky markets, the Plazza chain, Famila markets, Magnet markets, the discounter like Plus markets, Penny markets, Lidel markets, Aldi markets, Citty markets and many other more are filled and overcrowded with foodstuff up to the ceiling and that daily new?

Now there even is apparently not only one complains office in the whole wide world at that a still healthy human being can turn, to show this simple facts as a basis.

How did become possible anything like in such a way?

On the other hand, just passed by the broadcast, a twenty-four year student has won 1 million euros during the German TV conversation show “ Who does become a millionaire?”

What do you do by getting up for a nonsense with the resources standing for disposal?

Please, let do calculate once now, how many children may stay still alive daily through e. g. that million euros, your Empress asks you urgently.

Why do you not limit such profit shows by agreement to an acceptable premium of the correct given answer?

Too, for 50,-- euros nevertheless it worth for every people in the rule to strain his mind, because therefore one could normally save strength and one`s strain nerves with that money, since all too often therefore the human beings have to sell them a little or a little bit more in our time.

That also is as a matter of course known by your Empress and also the clever worked out system, what is behind it "to must sell oneself".

Therefore it is normal that the people would like to “get out” and precisely in this way these shows are so very popular, because the exit could be made possible only with the required means through the money.

Through money one can allow oneself a lot, even one is able to buy an extended life; we came so far these days.

Please let calculate likewise, how much cots an organ transplant e. g. on a human being and how many children would be able to be saved and would be allowed to stay alive by these costs per second!

Please start understanding that you and people like you in fact are placed under disability and therefore one ought you incapacitate, what is absolutely necessary through these mentioned circumstances, what has been proved well-founded day-to-day.

Yesterday evening your Empress watched a certainly expensive horror film, which falls for youngsters up to the 16th year under the law for the protection.

Aliens were shown, who sucked out the life of the person to attain thereby life energy, whereby the sucked ones were shown as extremely burnt half skeletons by your fanciful film directors and their imaginations.

Now you are businessmen whose know, which demand is asked at the entertainment market and how the profit will be right by the audience ratings, cinema cashboxes as well as through the sale of video-cassettes.

Since already now there are many such films, which through pathological sick fantasies were produced and the demand also an increasing tendency has showed, your public will become blunted little by little and will be no more to entertain so easily by these films, however then it has already aroused the wish to live these shown scenes really.

Yet what however will be true is the following situation, which nobody can deny so easily.

It happens very often that a small child suffers from sleep troubles, perhaps from fear or through feeling of sickness and goes to the parents or the parent in the late evening.

However if the parents or the legal guardian are just watching one of your pathological films, then a small child must unintentionally see such a scene.

What do you think, you so-called legal guardians, what no doubt must happen with such a child in this moment?

Also at all times of the day such films e. g. via video in spite of presence of a child are watched, partially also because the audience is blunted and is not able anymore to recognise, that a child cannot be in the same starting position of an adult yet and will be surprised or shocked anew and can be seriously disturbed by that confronted films.

Apart from the fact are displayed more and more frequent horror scenes between usual feature films and are promoted, also the child programmes are interrupted already increasingly uncontrollably with questionable advertisement.

Harry Potter was the worldwide bestseller as a book. Yesterday your Empress saw the preview of the filming Harry Potter for another millions audience via TV.

Check please, for which audience this box-office-hit is allowed and state only one true complaints office here on God's earth, to which your Empress could turn concerning this; there will be none!

Your Empress has already written a letter to the child psychologists and psychiatrists in her hometown, with the success, that one explains a still healthy person for mad, who rings the alarm bell consequently and therefore one was able to create and structure quite a sure occupational state with many other branches.  

Herewith you and your equals are incapacitated indirectly by your Empress, who has not raised herself in such a difficult task, but this task is confirmed long ago by indirectly your and our all Creator, who wants to receive his whole creation and by his order now the still remained mature people, who will be hopefully numerous, are called to action by your Empress.

You should not suppose that my person still values yours opinions and grants many of you not a right to a say. Nevertheless, most of you cannot understand yet the easiest relationship, as it becomes daily clearer.

Every normal person could have recognised these abovementioned, quite easy statements and not only the Empress.

Now your doctor's series become also better and better. You should ask also some psychologists and psychiatrists; they will upstage all your professional actors and they will do that certainly without fee!

On behalf of


Who is as naive as you and your equals has not earned this writing, actually, at all separate equally completely something else.

It should have become clear in the meantime, that among others your Empress is now the legal guardian; there should be such a thing!

7th of May, 2012

It is past time that my homepages will reach at least the readership like the whole Harry Potter editions.

8th of Sept. 2019


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