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The Really Big Lot

Ursula Sabisch, Meesenring 4, 23566 Luebeck, Germany


Vital Beauty

PO Box 11 52

77671 Kehl


Luebeck, 23 July 2010

Free Englsh translation on 1 November 2021. The German-language document you may find here!

The really Big Lot


Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Sirs,

I have indeed hit the jackpot, which is my destiny and that of all of us.

It is hard to believe, but my person can even do something with this big jackpot! As you and others will hopefully have understood, we have been given "play money" as humanity, with which we all have to arrive at a goal together on different paths, and these are first and foremost the "orders"of my person.

I cannot only retrieve these orders from my hometown, but must "take" other paths. Presumably the first "Super Nova" was already on its way, which I did not order and which could still be averted! (SMS)`s

Everything will not be avertable, because reality is catching up with mankind and this does not look good at the moment, for which human is not innocent, quite the opposite!

I wish now that the play money will be divided and that every person from the Third World will get his chance to stay alive!

I wish that you smash the mafia through a legitimised drug distribution by carrying out orders that have also been checked by you beforehand. (See letter for instructions/ suggestions). I wish that you will contact "Bin Laden "+** and involve him in the matter and in the order!

I myself am known in the upper "floors", but I consider it conceivable that some kind of "Fantomas" has already smuggled himself in on earth, although I cannot easily believe in the fantasies of individual film-makers.

But if this should prove to be true, then my money is on France/ Paris........ as the place of residence and my money is on an optical** "black man", because the black man's position of power will be enormous due to mass death and such an artificial creature could be possible!

It will become clear when I come near (Paris? Brussels?)** this "" Fantomas "".It will probably become dangerous when my former neighbour +, Mr. T. P.. **, comes into this vicinity, as already justified.

For these reasons, the sneak way is the safe way, which thus includes the upper "floors". The longer you wait, the more expensive the fun becomes for everyone and whether I then still have a real chance to prevail and also retrieve the* "Vital Beauty order(s)" is written in the stars.

There are many ways and very many possibilities for mankind to secure existence, because even** the toys/ tools have been distributed fairly!

First of all, you will give me my small pocket money and in the appropriate amount of 4. 000 000 Euro, so that I can secure myself and my family. **

Only then will I also be able to secure others, namely when I officially take my place where I belong with my lot number and that will not be a "walk in the park" for anyone!

As you probably had to notice, the Luebecker  "pigsty" is already going over the "ether". The people of Luebeck have always had the choice to deal with the truth properly and if they and others cannot, then they and others must learn! I expect my hard earned pocket money from my main prize and I expect that the right ones and not always the wrong ones are allowed to stay alive.

Ursula Sabisch


HP: The interim account for each individual is thus settled on earth, the final account will follow in any case for all!!

** Change in the state of affairs

Document reviewed 20 Jan. 2020/

26 Jan. 2021

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Ursula Sabisch


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